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a tisket, a tasket! may day fun & simple baskets!

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

We’ve said it before, but sometimes it’s just amazing

how quickly the weeks pass by…

even more so now that we are retired!


Laura just returned from another long weekend

in Wisconsin with Little L and her family!

One of our favorite daily activities

was to begin our mornings looking out the front window…

The two of us would spend quiet moments

watching the birds hop around and hunt for worms

and then pointing at them flitting from tree to tree!

A pair of house finches has nested in the front door wreath

and their babies have arrived!

That nest is noisy as the new mommy and daddy do all they can

to protect their little family!


If you missed Monday’s post, where we shared

spring activities to do with your Littles, please check it out!

We’ve provided lots of ideas for celebrating this beautiful season

with your little ones!

Today, we are turning our attention towards MAY

We are READY for it… how about you?

The first of May is known each year as May Day around the world.

It’s seen as a time to celebrate the arrival of the spring season,

complete with singing, dancing, flowers, baskets, crowns and more!

Did YOU celebrate May Day as a child?

How did you celebrate?

Did you deliver May Day baskets or dance around a Maypole?

Today, we are recalling May Day memories from the past

and offering fun ways to celebrate this day with the Littles in your life!

Laura recalls a special May Day memory from her childhood…

When I was in second grade my family made a temporary move from Minneapolis to Seattle. We moved mid-year and as a very shy eight year old I definitely had insecurities about school! My class was preparing for the big May Day celebration and partners had been practicing their dance moves for a few weeks before I arrived. Since I was new and needed to be added to the program, I was given the part of doing a solo dance around the Maypole before holding it while my classmates then performed! YIKES! I remember the crown of flowers I wore and the green velvet vest my mom made for me. I remember twirling around the pole in my shiny black shoes… Golly, I was nervous but afterwards I felt like a star! I’ll never forget how that feeling of fear turned to joy or the hug my mom and dad gave me beforehand!

Oh… I so wish I could easily find the photo of that day!

For now, you’ll have to visualize what I looked like with my blond curls!

Someday, I aspire to be as organized as my friend, Laurie

She is a keeper of the memories with her carefully organized photo files….

One day (I’m not saying when) I’ll find the photo and share it!

This memory will stay with me forever - the emotions felt as a child, the smiles on my parents’ faces and the colors and warmth around me! It also served as an important reminder to me, as a teacher, to always acknowledge and validate our Littles’ life experiences! I was always mindful of my students and their feelings, trying my best to encourage risk-taking while also providing a safe haven at school.! Now, I get to take on this role as a Grand to my precious Little L!

May Day Experiences with Your Littles!

Here’s a few fun ways to celebrate May Day with your Littles!

#1 - Make Flower Crowns Together!

Do you remember making crowns out of dandelion chains when you were younger? If so, you could teach your older Littles how to do this. Here’s a video that shows you how:

You could also make a crown out of construction paper and cover it with paper flowers or silk flowers you glue on. I made the crown below, using a large paper plate (I cut out the center so the plate could rest on my Little’s head). Then I cut out colorful flowers and leaves… if you made this, your toddler Littles could help you glue the flowers on the crown!

#2 - Dance Around the Maypole Game!

Laurie would play this game with her class each year. We both think it would be an easy activity to replicate with our grandkids! To better understand what a Maypole is, you may want to show your Littles a video of one before getting started! Your Littles will love watching the dancers and all the spring colors!

Here’s a short video if you are interested in showing one.

When Laurie and her class moved around the Maypole, they would sing the following…

We’re going around the Maypole, We’re going around the Maypole,

We’re going around the Maypole, Going ‘round and ‘round.

They’d substitute the word walking with dancing, skipping, hopping, swinging, etc.

Believe it or not, when you walk around in a circle, the streamers create a “pole.” To untangle, simply reverse directions!

You can use crepe paper for your Maypole ribbons or you can use a few streamers made from toilet paper (a much less expensive option and readily available)!! One person stands in the middle, holding about 4 streamers. Others each take an end and skip around the middle person. The middle person will quickly get wrapped up in the streamers! Take turns being the middle “pole” person!

As an alternative, you could attach streamers to the ceiling or to a basketball pole outside… the branch of a small tree would work, too! The dancing and twirling and getting caught up in the “ribbons” is what your Littles will remember most!

#3 - Play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck Together!

One May Day legend is that a young girl would leave a basket on the porch of her hope-to-be-boyfriend, ring the bell and run! If the would-be-boyfriend caught her, he’d kiss the girl!


Laurie would tell her kindergartners this story each year on May Day and then the class would, of course, giggle! They’d then play a few rounds of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck by adding a friendly May Day twist (after all, since we encourage friendships in Kindergarten, and not chasing others for a kiss - hee, hee - the two players would give each other a high five or hug after the chase)! 😉

Here’s how we see it working with our own Littles: The person who is it, walks around the outside of the circle. He/she carries a small basket, ultimately dropping it behind one of the players in the circle, announcing “Happy May Day.” That person picks up the basket and chases “it” around the circle. If caught, the two share a high five or give each other a hug.

NOTE: If you and only one Little are playing, you can take turns giving each other the basket and chasing each other! How fun would it be to scoop up your Little as you wish him/her a Happy May Day!

#4 - Toddler Fun… Paper Towel Maypoles!

Don’t forget to include your littlest Littles in all the fun! Older infants and toddlers can cover an empty paper towel tube with stickers. Then, attach streamers to the inside of one end, Twirl the Maypole around and let your Little have fun exploring! Heck… your older Littles will probably have fun making their own Maypoles, too!

Of course, you could get very serious about it all,

and make your own real Maypole!

If that is something you may want to try,

here’s a link to a simple DIY one you could make for your own May Day celebration!

From BuzzMills

Making May Day baskets was a yearly activity when we were growing up!

We’d make our baskets, usually from paper and glue.

Then we’d decorate them and add some fresh flowers or ones we’d made

and we’d include a treat or two.

We’d tip toe to our neighbors’ homes and put the basket on the doorknob

before ringing the bell and then running and hiding to not be seen!

Of course, we would watch from a distance where we could see the smiles

that our May Baskets brought!

As Kindergarten teachers, we both spent years making May baskets

with our students,

sending them home at the end of the day with their baskets

ready to be delivered!

The next day, we’d hear stories and giggles as the kindergartners

shared their May Day magic with the rest of us!

How fun would it be to share your Grand memories with your Littles

as you make May Day baskets together…

and then deliver them!

May Day Baskets to Make with Your Littles!

Today, we’ve got 3 proven and simple ways to make a May Basket.

Depending on the age of your Little(s),

they can decorate each May Day baskets described below,

Using crayons, markers, stickers, tissue paper scraps… let their imaginations soar

based on the supplies you have available!

NOTE: Your Little may want to decorate his/her basket before adding the handle!

#1 - Paper Bag May Day Baskets

Supplies Needed: lunch bags (one per basket), pair of scissors, glue or stapler

Directions: Keep the lunch bag folded and cut across the bag about 3 inches from the top. Open the bag to see your basket! Use the part of the bag you’ve cut off to make a handle - cut it into a 1 or 1 ½ inch strip and glue or staple one end to each side of the basket. (I did have a portion of the bag that I didn't use, so I simply discarded it.) Time to decorate!

#2 - Paper Cup May Day Baskets

Supplies Needed: paper cups (one per basket), ribbon or wire, pair of scissors, hole punch (optional as you can poke the holes through yourself)

Directions: Punch two holes at the top of the cup, directly across from each other. String ribbon through the holes, tying off the ribbon on each end. If using wire, twist the wire together on each end). How simple is that! Your Little is now ready to decorate!

#3 - Paper Plate May Day Baskets

Supplies Needed: paper plates (one per basket - dinner or luncheon, depending on the size desired), ribbon, pair of scissors, stapler, hole punch (optional as you can poke the holes through yourself)

Directions: Fold each paper plate in half. Open the paper plate and cut along the folded line, cutting the paper plate into two equal halves. Line the two halves up together and staple the sides and curved bottom edges together, creating a pocket for your basket. Punch a hole on either end of the paper plate basket and string the ribbon (or yarn) through to make a handle). It’s decorating time!

We told you that each idea was simple… super simple, that is!

Read on for some final steps!

May Day Baskets… the Finishing Touches!

WHAT Can You Put Inside Your May Day Baskets?

There are SO many options when it comes to filling your May Day baskets! Here’s a list of our favorites!

Flowers, Of Course! Fresh flowers, silk flowers or flowers made by your Littles will all add a smile to your May Day recipient’s face! If you are up to it, your Littles will love making their own flowers out of tissue paper, egg cartons, lollipops or paper scraps! Here are a few online sites to explore to get you started!

Paper Flower Lollipop Bouquets from The Crafty Blog Stalker

Tissue Paper Flowers from Kid Friendly Things to Do

Candy! You can always add some small pieces of wrapped candy to the bottom of your baskets! This would certainly be enjoyed!

Baked Goods! Most recipients would love a homemade treat to enjoy… Rice Krispie treats, brownies, cookies or trail mix are great options! NOTE: To ensure safety, if you are including baked goods, you will want to include your name when leaving your basket of homemade treats!

Homemade Artwork! Your recipients will love to receive a personalized picture created especially for them!

Oh… and don’t forget to add a note,

wishing your recipient a Happy May Day!

WHO Can You Deliver Your May Day Baskets To?

Who are going to be the lucky recipients of your creatively made May Day baskets? Of course, if you are making baskets with your grandkids, the obvious choice would be making the baskets for mom and dad... imagine how delighted your Littles would be to leave a surprise May Basket for mom and/or dad at the front door!

If you are looking to spread the cheer to others besides your friends, other family members or known neighbors, consider delivering a May Day basket to one of the following:

Nursing Home or Assisted Living Residents

Fire Fighters

Police Officers


Teachers & School Workers

Grocery Store Cashiers

Just think about the smiles your kindness will bring to those around you!

This fun holiday tradition seems to almost be a forgotten one,

but definitely one worth passing on to your Littles!

You’ll make new memories together that they’ll never forget!

We hope that our quick and easy ideas

will give you some ideas

for sharing May Day memories - old and new -

with your own Littles!

Thanks so much for joining us today

and thanks to everyone who has supported our blog during these past months!

We feel the love!!!

If you know of any GRANDS in your life

who also love spending time with their grandkids/Littles,

and might find our blog helpful,

please share the site with them!

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We’ll be back next Monday, May 1 - MAY DAY,

to share our thoughts about Mother’s Day!

It’s coming quickly!

Wishing you all a blessed weekend ahead

filled with springtime goodness!

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