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meet the grands!

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Welcome to Our Grand Lives!  We are two women from the midwest who love our lives… we love the changing seasons, we love our family and friends, we love our God, we’ve always loved teaching little ones and, more than just about anything, we now love being grands!

We are Laurie and Laura, two retired kindergarten teachers whose  lives often crisscrossed over the years as we raised our families.  Now that life is moving at a slower pace, we’ve been able to reconnect and celebrate our new found freedoms and our new titles of “Grammy” and “Gramma.”  

In retirement, we quickly realized that we missed teaching and that we love learning, so we set out to find ways in which we could use these skills in our new roles as grands. And so, our vision for “Our Grand Lives” was born!

Our goal in writing this blog is to share what we’ve found successful with our littles,  build a library of resources and offer some ways to tweak or change an idea to meet differing needs.  At the same time,  we hope to use this blog as a way to document and share our grand lives with our family, friends and readers!  We hope you’ll join us on our journey!

  here's to our grand lives!

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NOTE:  While we welcome having readers that subscribe to our blog (and thus receive up-to-date notifications when a new blog post is published) we also understand that others prefer not to subscribe.  We also realize that our 'comments" section of our site does not allow readers to do so without providing info and we apologize for that! 


Either way though - subscriber or not, we absolutely LOVE connecting with our readers so please feel free to email us directly with questions or thoughts at

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