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hop to it! Easter baskets, hunts & tastings!

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Can you believe it?

Easter is only a few weeks away!

Will you be hosting a holiday gathering with family or friends?

If so, no need to worry!

We’ve got you covered with fun ideas to keep everyone hoppy…

All the Littles, Middles and Grands in your life!

Last year, Laurie shared her fun tradition of A FAMILY EGG HUNT

and we offered our lists for FILLING OUR LITTLES’ EASTER BASKETS.

You’ll find all our ideas here.

Today Laurie,, in her own words, is sharing more fabulous ideas

for making any Easter celebration EXTRA SPECIAL!

Our family really embraces the tradition of Easter egg hunts

and that custom continues, with a few adjustments,

as our family also continues to grow!

An Egg Hunt for Our Middles!

During the last few years, my sister and I

have planned an egg hunt for our Middles (our own grown children)

and each year we do our best to add a new twist to the mix! 

The Middles had done an egg hunt themselves since they were quite young!

As grandchildren (our Littles) came along,

we thought it was time to retire this tradition for the Middles…


our Middles had other ideas!

They wanted to continue the fun 

- the razzing, the bragging rights and the fierce competition -

with siblings and cousins alike!

Last year, Sister S moved to a new house, and the backyard had a nice border of landscaping and shrubs that worked for our young Littles on their egg hunt, but we knew that our Middles would never be challenged by such a landscape!

So…  what to do with a big empty backyard?  We came up with the simplest egg hunt we have ever done!  We counted out 10 eggs of 4 colors (10 eggs for each couple) and scattered them all over a large area of the yard.  We told each couple what color they would be searching for..  Each couple started on one side of the yard with one person blindfolded and holding a bucket.

The partner NOT wearing the blindfold was the direction-giver.  HIs/her job was to shout out directions to their colored eggs, while the blindfolded partner would have to find them.  

“Go forward, keep going!” 

“Turn left.”

“Bend down.”

“No, not that one, a little farther over!”

Once all 10 of the same colored eggs were found, the blindfolded Middle had to find the way back to his/her partner and it was over!  

There was no specific prize for the winning couple - just bragging rights - 

and shame for the couple that came in last!

A SURPRISE of a Prize!

 All Middles DID receive a special certificate for completing the hunt! 

Each couple received money for a mini golf outing…

 Cousin Time Golf

was (and is) a favorite activity for all involved!

 Childcare was also provided - by the Grands!

It was a nice way for us to give our Middles a special time out, 

and a chance for Middle cousins to have adult time together!

The Littles’ Egg Hunt!

The egg hunt for our Littles was pretty traditional.  

Last year we did assign each Little their own specific color of plastic egg 

so Little D (age 1 ½) could find hers easily in the open grass!

We decided to forego the candy treats and when each Little found their 10 eggs, they could turn them in for a prize.  Sister S found some adorable kid-sized watering cans that they all received as their prize..  Some other fun warm weather prizes might include bug houses, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, balls or bubbles.

In last year’s post we highlighted 

as an activity to do during your Easter celebration.

This year let’s talk about


Last year, during my pre-Easter shopping, 

I discovered two very unique bags of jelly beans -

Brach’s Desserts of the World


Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee flavors!

I’m sure there are many fun and unique flavors out this year, too!

However there is nothing wrong with your everyday jelly bean flavors…

You’ll quickly discover who your black jelly bean lovers are!

I organized this activity by sorting the jelly beans first.

I put one flavor on each serving plate 

with a sign identifying the flavor nearby.

 I also put paper voting circles by each plate, too.

The idea was simple…

 try each flavor, write your name on your favorite voting circle color, 

and place it on the graph.

As you can see, the voting was carefully monitored by the Littles!

Let’s see, we’ve done Peeps and Jelly Beans

I think this year’s tasting will be M & Ms!!

Any other tasting ideas?  

Drop us a note in the comments below!

As mentioned above, we always love to hear from our readers,

so please feel free to comment at the end of this post!

If you have fun ideas to share OR content you’d like to see us cover, 

please let us know!

If you follow us on Instagram, or Facebook you may notice 

that we’ve started sharing 17 Activities of Shamrock Fun there!

Each day we focus on one or more ideas shared in a recent post,

leading up to March 17 - St Patrick's Day! ☘️ 

In fact, Laura and Hubby just returned from a family weekend with Little L 

(and her mommy and daddy)

and we had such fun testing out some of the St Paddy’s Day activities 

we shared in last week’s post!

If you want to learn more, 

check out our ideas on Instagram/Facebook or in this post!

AND, you can always find lots of our content on our Pinterest page, too!

We plan to be back next Tuesday…

Our post will focus on ways to experience Holy Week with our young  Littles!

We hope you’ll join us!

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Until next Tuesday,


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31 mar

You have the funnest games and ideas. Love these!

Mi piace
Our Grand Lives
03 apr
Risposta a

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! ❤️ We hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Easter celebration!

Mi piace

21 mar

This is so much fun! Great ideas. I love seeing all the fun activities and family fun you all have. I'm happy to feature your post tomorrow at The Crazy Little Lovebirds link party #30. Thank you for sharing your post with us. :)


Mi piace
Our Grand Lives
22 mar
Risposta a

Thank YOU, Steph! We appreciate the opportunity yo provide to share ideas with others! Have a great weekend!

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19 mar

These are such fun games and activities! Thank you for visiting Happy Hearts & Homes, I hope you stop by again this week.

Mi piace
Our Grand Lives
19 mar
Risposta a

Thank YOU for your kind words! Have a great week, Lyndsey!

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13 mar

Sounds like a lot of fun for everyone! My husband's brother and his family live right next door so we used to have large egg hunts for all our kids and each kid was assigned their own color; the eggs were usually hidden in a trail that led them all through our woods and around both properties; they all had a lot of fun with it!

Mi piace
Our Grand Lives
14 mar
Risposta a

How fun, Joanne! I'm sure your family/kids have fond memories of this fun family tradition. Thanks so much for sharing!

Mi piace

13 mar

Oh my goodness, this is so fun! I love the jelly bean tasting idea (what a cool collection from Brach's!) and the blindfolded egg hunt is so funny. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing this post at the Will Blog for Comments #29 linkup. Hope to see you next time, too.

Mi piace
Our Grand Lives
14 mar
Risposta a

Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer! We appreciate your comments and we love participating in the Will Blog for Comments link up - one of our favorites! (I haven't been able to figure out how to leave a comment on your blog so we appreciate your comments here and the opportunity it provides to thank you! If I'm missing something, please let us know). Have a wonderful week!

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