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our Easter eggstravaganza continues! baskets for our littles and a family egg hunt!

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Welcome back!

Yep… this is our third post of the week…

What can we say?

There is still a lot of Easter fun to share!

If you missed either of our posts from Monday or Tuesday

and you're still looking for Easter fun to do with your Littles,

be sure to check them out!

And, if you are interested in trying the Peep Tasting activity with your family

that Laurie shared,

we’ve found Kettle Korn, Chocolate Pudding, Fruit Punch,

Dr. Pepper, Sour Watermelon, Party Birthday Cake and Sparkling Wild Berry

at our local stores!


Today’s post changes gears a bit

as we share ideas for two well-loved Easter traditions…


Many families include these traditions

as part of their yearly Easter festivities!

In fact, we know many Grands, like us,

who love playing Easter Bunny

to their Littles,

filling baskets with springtime goodness

and planning egg hunts for their Littles and Middles to enjoy together!

Our final installment of Our Easter Eggstravaganza offers suggestions for both!

We both have fond memories of Easter as young children!

Laura recalls the annual Easter sunrise service,

filled with flowers and joyful music

followed by the church Easter breakfast!

It was only after the exclamations of “Alleluia! He is Risen!”

that we went home to discover what the Easter Bunny

might have left for us during the night!

This tradition continued once Laura and her hubby had children. Daughter J and Daughter A always looked forward to seeing what the Easter Bunny had waiting for them… once we got home from church, that is!!

We so love a trip down memory lane!


Now that Little L has joined the family,

we Grands have changed course…

While the Easter Bunny still leaves a treat or two for our Middles,

Easter baskets now are all about our Littles!

Below are some of the ideas we have brainstormed together

for filling those Littles’ Easter baskets!

Maybe you’ll find a new idea or two to add to the baskets

you’ll be creating this year!


Filling Our Littles’ Easter Baskets!

We’re both especially excited to fill our Littles’ Easter baskets this year!

While we both love to include a few Easter treats

(including a chocolate bunny, of course)

our focus with these lists is to find alternatives to sugar!


First you’ll find the lists we’ve compiled for Littles who are babies and toddlers!

Please note that both of the list provided are the results of our brainstorming...

we pick and choose only a few items for our Littles' baskets!

Some of the ideas provided above will also work for older kiddos

In addition, here’s the list of Easter basket fillers we’ve created

specifically for older Littles, from preschool and up!

We hope you all find these suggestions helpful!

If you have ANY ideas for us to add to our own lists,

please let us know by commenting at the end of this post!

For years now, Laurie and her family

have enjoyed the tradition of an Easter egg hunt!

Read on for all the details!

Many years ago, my sister and I took a new approach to our egg hunts. Our families have always spent Easter Day together and we had the traditional hunts for our 4 children while they were growing up - we would hide eggs filled with candy and money in the backyard and have the kids go find them all!

As our kids grew into young adults and brought significant others into our lives, we thought the time had come to end these hunts. Our children, on the other hand, had other ideas, and wanted to continue the fun, razzing, bragging rights and fierce competition with their siblings and cousins. It was time for a new plan of action!

Our New Hunt Works Like This: We have 8 Middles now, so we buy eight different gift cards to businesses around the area. We choose different fast food places, liquor stores, Target, Amazon, golf courses, specialty grocery stores and any other places we know our kids like. The gift cards can be for any amount you feel comfortable with! Ours have varied between $10-$20 through the years. You could also collect less expensive prizes from the Dollar Store, fun candy, or my favorite - lottery tickets, and place them in a basket as a prize bucket as well..

While the Middles hang out inside, the Grands hide 80 empty plastic eggs outside - 10 eggs per Middle. We look for tough places - we want this to be a challenge!

Our Middles line up outside with their baskets and we take the traditional “serious, out-to-win-this face” picture!

At the word GO... they scatter!

When you have found your 10 eggs, you are done. Keep track of who is first, second, etc.

When all the eggs are found, the Middles lineup and the person who came in first has the first choice of the gift cards. Then the second place winner chooses and this continues down to the final person!

(NOTE: I don’t think we have ever found all 80 eggs at the hunt. We are good hiders! The poor person who comes in last keeps looking -with lots of help - until we call it! The last egg or two are usually found the following summer or fall!)

Our Middles absolutely love this tradition!

The egg hunt is brought up all year long with lots of trash talking, bragging, and strategizing taking place!. My nephew-in-law is in a foot cast this year with crutches. I think everyone else is secretly happy that there will be a better chance they won’t be the one to come in last!!!


We hope that our three Easter Eggstravaganza posts this week

have filled your head with ideas and your hearts with joy

as you prepare for Easter with your loved ones!

Please come back next Monday (April 3),

when we’ll share our faith-filled thoughts on how to focus on

the true meaning of Easter with our Littles!

Remember, that you can always subscribe to our blog

by scrolling to the bottom of our home page and filling out the brief form.

That way, you’ll never miss a new post!

Finally… thanks to everyone who is following us on Facebook or Instagram

We love sharing new content with you there!

We wish you a wonderful weekend ahead!

Don’t let your Littles get the best of you on Saturday…

After all, it will be April Fool’s Day!

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Suzanne Fogarty
Suzanne Fogarty
31 Mar 2023

EGGcellent ideas! Thank you for helping me be a funtastic Grandma and Mom!

03 Nis 2023
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Thanks so much for your ongoing support! 🥰 It means so much! Happy Easter to you and your Littles!

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