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super dips for the big game!

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Oh my!  

The month of January ended 

in our neighborhoods

with sunshine, 52° temps and NO snow in our yards!

We’re wondering… what’s happened to our Minnesota winter?

Time will tell if our early spring is a momentary thing or not!

Either way, we’re excited to welcome February

and all it brings!

While Valentine’s Day is at the top of the list

of things we’re excited to celebrate this month,

today’s post turns to another annual event we look forward to each year… 


We love GRAND gatherings with friends and family

to celebrate the BIG game and all it brings…

and this year is no different!

The commercials, the halftime show, glimpses of Taylor Swift and, 

oh yeah,

the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49er’s,

are all reasons to cheer this year!

However, if you ask us, one of the most important details of Game Day

is the FOOD we serve!

You don’t have to be a football fanatic to dig into some Super Bowl snacks

and Super Dips top that list! 

That’s why we’ve rounded up three of our favorite Super Bowl dip recipes

to share with you today!

Whether you are hosting others or 

making it ahead of time to bring to a friend’s house,

we’ve got you covered! 

In fact, each is easy enough 

that you could whip it up during the second quarter…

just in time for Usher’s halftime show!

So pick one and add it to your Game Day menu!

This dip is the most requested by Laura’s family!

Whether we’re watching a game on TV or we’re at the lake during the summer 

it’s a fan favorite!

It’s also very easy to pull together… ready in just 5 minutes!

In addition to the ingredients shown above,

the recipe calls for cayenne pepper and

other optional ingredients - green onions, cilantro and lime.

So simple, so quick and so delicious!

A Grand Tip!

Laura often customizes this dip...

she makes some with cilantro and some without!

That way, everyone's tastebuds are satisfied!

Laurie is sharing this dip… 

It’s a spicy classic and a staple for her family!

Check out the ingredients… only five are needed!

This dip is a warm one, made in the crockpot!

We served ours with an assortment of crackers and celery sticks!

The perfect addition while watching a winter game!

Finally, because it’s so delicious -  and ooey and gooey - 

we’re highlighting once again a dip we shared as part of last year’s Super Bowl post.

You won’t be disappointed if you give this family fave a try! 

Once again, you only need 5 ingredients!

Laura serves this dip in a cast iron dish

surrounded by tortilla chips and fresh veggies…

red and yellow peppers would be perfect additions this year!

It’s ready to serve in less than 30 minutes, from beginning to end

and, oh, so worth it!

Each of these dips is full of cheesy goodness, that’s for sure!

While definitely not calorie conscious

a few nibbles on Game Day certainly seem scoop worthy!

We hope you agree!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

If YOU are planning your own Super Bowl gathering this year

you may want to check out our post from last February…

In this post we shared decor, games and a menu

to celebrate Game Day!

Here’s a few photos of the fun we shared in that post!

On Facebook and Instagram we shared these two fun videos last year

highlighting activities from our Game's On! post!

We thought you might enjoy them, too!

Check out our Touchdown Freestyle dancing here.

To play, stand in a circle.  

When someone hands you the football

You go in the middle and do your dance!

When you are done,

Pass the football to someone else and let them have a turn!

Time to judge the Super Bowl commercials!

See it on Instagram here!

Before the game begins,

give each person a set of 3 post-it notes with 

Love it, Just O.K. And Not for Me written on them. 

Then, when a commercial has aired, 

everyone chooses the post-it that best matches their feelings about it 

and posts it to their foreheads for everyone to see! 

Will there be some runaway favorites this year?

For more details about all of the above and more,

be sure to check out our Game’s On post!

We LOVE connecting with our readers!

If you have any ideas for making our Super Bowl gatherings more festive,

please share in the comments below!


Finally, tomorrow is GROUNDHOG DAY!

Will the groundhog see his shadow?

If you’ll be spending part of the day with Littles

you may want to make our Groundhog Day Pudding!

We shared this idea on Instagram earlier this week!

Watch our Instagram video here!

Next week our post will once again focus on our Littles

as we share ♥️ activities and projects for toddlers and preschoolers!

We’ll be back on Tuesday with our post,

8 ♥️ Activities We Love!

Valentine/Anytime Activities for Our Littles!

 ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

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