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cold days! warm hearts!

Monday, January 16, 2023

Today’s blog post, returns to the season at hand and

ways to celebrate it with our Littles!

Check out the awesome - and simple - nature walk ideas

we’re sharing in today’s blog post

as well as our suggestions for a delicious treat after your adventure!

Though it may seem tough to bundle up and head outside when the weather is colder and the streets are snowy, research has shown over and over the benefits of spending time outside in all kinds of weather. In the winter, it exposes us to much needed Vitamin D which improves mental health and increases our metabolic rate for more energy. So layer up those clothes and head out! And while you are at it, invite your Littles to join in on the adventure!

Walking also increases a child’s sense of observation of the world around them. Now, of course, for our littlest Littles, walking per se isn’t yet an option but, depending on their age and the outdoor temps, your Littles can still benefit from a “walk” outside by carrying them or pushing them on a sled! A winter walk, in all its glory, can be a quiet time to look around you and you see a new world that has opened up with fewer leaves on trees and bushes. It is the simplest of winter activities. Here are a few ideas to enjoy on your walk together!

❄️ A Five Senses Walk! ❄️

As you walk, ask your Little the following questions… What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you taste? (The tough one!) For Littles that are babies or toddlers, you can help with their vocabulary development by labeling ideas for them - I hear an owl hooting or I feel the wind on my face.

❄️ A Tracking Walk! ❄️

Look for tracks made by animals and even different size people prints made in the snow. Ask your Littles who/what they thought made the tracks. Take pictures of the animal tracks and look them up when you get home. Try following the tracks for a different route on your walk.

❄️ A Winter Collection! ❄️

Before leaving for the walk, give your Little a box or bag to collect items in. For older kids, it’s fun to give them a very small box to see what they can collect that fits in the box!. Examine the items together when you get home.

❄️ Magnify It! ❄️

Bring a magnifying glass on the walk with you (or use a phone app) to examine things around you. If it is snowing, carry a dark piece of paper to catch snowflakes on and examine them closely.

❄️ A Simple Walk! ❄️

There’s nothing better than a spontaneous walk together - telling stories, singing a few songs, quietly enjoying each other - truly the best kind of adventure!

Check out Run Wild My Child which has more wonderful ideas to do with your Littles on a winter walk adventure!

Nothing beats a warm cup of cocoa and a few snuggles on a cold day,

especially once you’ve returned from a winter walk with your Littles!

Time to cozy up… perhaps with some of the fun options we’re sharing here!

Of course, you can use individual packets of prepackaged cocoa mix and simply add water and marshmallows for a perfectly wonderful hot chocolate experience! However, another alternative would be to create a hot chocolate bar - you can go all out and have lots of yummy options or you can keep it simple with a few favorites! Either way, that cup of hot cocoa is the main attraction!

Let’s start with the basics - a delicious hot chocolate mix! Here’s the recipe for one of our faves!

From there the options are endless and you probably have many in your kitchen, perhaps even some left over from the recent holiday season!

And now for a list of our



Mini marshmallows, regular sized or jumbo ones! Yes indeed, marshmallows are a staple!. What kid, young or old, doesn't like the delicious pillowy texture of marshmallows when melting into your cup of sweet cocoa?


We always try to have a can on hand… especially during the winter months!

Want to show off? Make your own frozen whipped cream dollops! You’ll need to make homemade whipped cream. Then place in a pastry bag (use the star tip) and create your own dollops on a baking sheet covered with wax paper. Place the baking sheet in the freezer to allow your whipped cream to freeze. When frozen solid, store them in a container until ready to use. What a fun addition this would be!


Either in sticks (for stirring) or crushed (a heaping teaspoon into the cocoa), adding candy canes or chocolate mints to your hot chocolate will give it an instant peppermint twist!


Chocolate on chocolate? Yes, Please!


Yum! Add a bit of sea salt, too, and then let the caramel melt into the hot chocolate!!


A favorite ingredient for many, but remember, a little goes a long way!


Have you ever tried this? This is a new and decadent ingredient to us but it’s sooooo good! Stirring a bit into your hot cocoa instantly elevates it to a new level!


Our Littles love sprinkles! Red and green, blue and white or rainbow colors! They are a must!


Mini donuts, biscotti, sugar cookies, graham crackers or Pirouette cookies are all great options to consider!


Just because! If you’re serving other adults, feel free to add an alcoholic option for them! Include 1-3 choices. Possibilities include Baileys, Kahlua, Amaretto, Frangelico or Peppermint Schnapps!

Did you know that a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board is all the rage?

Depending on the age of your Littles, they can help you create such a board with many of the items we’ve highlighted above!!

Tap here and here for two of our favorite set ups!

Finally - while our own Littles are still too small, we know that in future years we’ll look forward to either making special treats for them or, better still, having them by our side helping us in the kitchen! Perhaps your Littles are already at that perfect age to join in the fun now! Below you’ll find three of our favorite treat ideas that we are bookmarking for such an occasion!

Imagine the winter adventures that await! All you need to do is grab your Littles, bundle up and then head outdoors! Take advantage of the joy found in these cold January days and then follow up with some snuggles and treats to warm your hearts!

Please come back on Thursday (January 19) when we’ll share our idea for chasing the winter blues away! In the meantime, feel free to subscribe to our blog for up to the minute alerts when a new post is published,(scroll to the bottom of the page to do so) and remember, you can also find us on Instagram - we’d love to have you follow us there!


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