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a st. paddy’s day treat or two!

Thursday, March 16, 2023

It’s THISCLOSE to St. Patrick’s Day, Friends!

Have you been having loads of Shamrock Fun with your Littles?

Did you make your Leprechaun Trap so you’re ready to catch one?

If you’ll be spending time with your Littles during the next few days,

you may want to revisit these two recent posts

for some fun memory making ideas to enjoy together!

Today, as our final bow to the world of Leprechauns,

we have two special “treats” to share with you…

First, Laurie will share directions for making her Shamrock Pretzels…

A festive St. Patrick’s Day treat that your Littles will love to make and love to eat!

Then, Laura will share a special and personal memory…

with A St.. Patrick’s Day Proposal!

These are the cutest St. Patrick’s Day treats ever and are so fun to make!

You only need 4 ingredients to make these yummy treats…

When ready to eat,

these two kinds of pretzels, Rolo candies and M&M’s

will look just like shamrocks!

And… we love that these festive Shamrock Pretzels are easy enough

for your Littles to help make!

You can store the Shamrock Pretzels in an air-tight container for up to 5 days.

Make these festive treats to bring to a holiday party or to share with your Littles


You can use them to lure in pesky leprechauns on St, Patrick’s Day…

Get those traps ready!

Five years ago, on March 17, 2018, a new chapter began for our family!

Thank you for indulging me as I use this post

to document this moment - a treasured memory -

so that one day in the future Little L will have a reminder of

this special day in her daddy and mommy's lives!

Little L -

This is a story of the day

your daddy proposed to your mommy!

💚 Bacco

Our now SIL had met with Hubby and I several weeks earlier

and had asked for our blessing to marry our firstborn, Daughter J.

We also came to find out later

that he had taken our younger child, Daughter A, to lunch

where he had asked for her blessing, as well!

My heart be still!

Once the blessings had been asked for and happily given,

our now SIL shared that he was putting the final touches on his proposal plans.

He needed us to be quiet and wait for word from him…

So…. we waited... patiently....

wondering when and where the


would take place!

Before I continue with the story, a bit of background info might be helpful!

Here’s a photo of our SIL

Isn't he cute?

Do you notice any resemblance between him and this mischievous fellow?

Yes! SIL has a bit 😉 of Irish blood flowing in him

and he could easily pass for a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun!

In fact, he’s been known to entertain a few Littles over the years

and they would definitely eat up his shenanigans!

Needless to say, we were not surprised when SIL chose

St. Patrick’s Day as THE day

he would propose!

In 2018 St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday which set the stage perfectly!

SIL had planned out every moment of Daughter J’s day,

beginning with a surprise visit from her mama and sister

to get things started!

Daughter A and I showed up at Daughter J’s apartment

that morning with champagne and pastries and…

a very special note that we were to hand deliver!

The note outlined SIL’s plans for Daughter J and the day ahead!

He was sending her on a scavenger hunt with notes and surprise guests

scattered around the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul)!

At each location she would find

a new note with a new clue!

After a few deep breaths, she got dressed and we shared a few more hugs.

Then we sent Daughter J on to the adventure ahead!

Her second stop was SIL’s aunt’s home in the northwestern suburbs!

There, a beautiful brunch with SIL’s aunt and mom and sister awaited!

After more celebrating

(with her soon to be in-laws)

and a delicious meal,

Daughter J was on to the next location!

After a stop at a brewery

where college friends surprised her

came a clue that led to Minnehaha Park

where another (out of town) friend

was waiting!

Each stop showed how thoughtful SIL was in his planning,

He arranged each detail and

included people and experiences that meant the world to our daughter!

The proposal scavenger hunt ended in Stillwater, a riverfront town.

While many of us gathered at a nearby pub,

anxiously waiting to celebrate the newly engaged couple,

SIL got down on one knee and popped the question! 💚

No suspense here… of course, Daughter J said “YES!”

Time to celebrate!

After a while, the party moved across town one more time!

Corned beef and cabbage was enjoyed

and there was karaoke and dancing to the wee hours!

A fitting end to a beautiful, love-filled St. Patrick’s Day!

What I remember most from that day,

and what I hope Little L will come to know about it,

is the joy and love that filled the day!

Her mommy and daddy were surrounded by so many...

Family and friends that embraced them with more love and all their support!

Little L’s daddy made this such a special day for her mommy

and he found a way to include all of us who loved them both so very much!

Since that day Little L, I’ve watched your mommy and daddy

commit their lives to each other

and then pray for and welcome you into the world!


You have made their world - and ours - more magical in every way!


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